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The Age of Personified Advertising is here

Are you ready for the future
of digital advertising?

How to deliver precise targeting and sustainable brand advertising results

How to future-proof your mobile branding strategy

How digital advertising facilitates access to the free and open internet

The attention misconception, and how to drive superior performance

Build a brand the world chooses

Join other leading advertisers and personify your buisness.

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Brace yourself for
a major paradigm shift

Are you a forward-thinking advertiser or marketing leader who wants to be part of the change towards a more transparent and ethical advertising ecosystem?

Unlock Powerful Growth Opportunities

OBI evaluates brands across five key parameters that are vital for business growth in the 21st century

We heard the cries for a sustainable AdTech solution

The advertising industry is currently in a transitional phase. Advertisers are scrambling for a new solution to a changing industry.

One that combines the relevance of personalization with the data safe integrity of ID-less solutions, underpinned by consumer privacy and superior performance.

The answer? Personified Advertising




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Explore the global nuances of audiences across Tech & Finance brands

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Consumers' voice

With Ogury, you now have a media partner that  enables you to gauge brand performance among your real mobile audience (not via paid-for panel research)

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OBI provides the opportunity to validate your brand against specific 21st-century brand qualities that are essential for future success

Future proof your brand

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Spark new marketing activities

OBI data will provide an understanding of what 'new' initiatives are needed to improve brand scores.

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