March Madness Strategy


College basketball captivates the country during March Madness. With millions of people tuning in each year, the tournament presents an incredible opportunity for brands to connect with consumers over an extended period of time, on the device where they’re most engaged - mobile.

The Opportunity and Challenge

The NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship has captured America’s attention for decades. In addition to consumer attention, March Madness also captures consumers’ wallets. WalletHub reports that sales of beer and pizza increase by nearly 20% during this time. Marketers must understand more about these consumers. 

3Sixty Interactive shared that 88% of people use their mobile devices to access March Madness information. There is a huge opportunity for marketers to engage with these audiences. Unfortunately, many marketers are unknowingly leveraging toxic data when identifying their users’ behaviors. This tarnishes a brand’s relationship with its consumer and results in monetary fines, reputational damage, and impaired brand perception.

The Solution

Ogury's ad technology relies on safe data, giving users choice and control over their data and ad experience. Ogury Active Insights reveals a unique, reliable understanding of the mobile user and their journey. Ogury’s Advanced Custom Persona study uncovers the demographic breakdown of March Madness audiences, plus interests and discriminant behaviors. These unique insights can be directly activated for the most precise user engagement on mobile leading up to and over March Madness.

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