The end of the year represents a key shopping season for consumers, with events like Black Friday, holiday and year-end sales. This year, discounts, deals and flash sales are starting even earlier. Digital devices, especially smartphones, will be a key tool for researching and purchasing products online. 

This presents a significant opportunity for brands to connect with consumers as they begin their shopping journey. To reach the right audience with a message that resonates with them, brands should identify the varying audience interests, behaviors and dynamics to inform and optimize their advertising strategies.

2021 End-of-Year Strategy

  • 72% of this audience group are female and 30% are between the ages of 35 to 44.
  • They are 8.83 times more interested in Big Box Retailers than the general population and 4.87 times more interested in Drugstores and Pharmacies.
  • Keywords that represent this audience’s discriminant interests include ‘earn’, ‘plan’ and ‘health’.

Deal Seekers

Insights Sneak Peek

Beauty and Fashion Lovers

Tech Enthusiasts

Discover how to activate based on this information and gain more audience insights in this strategy guide.